Re: Unexpected -modtime effect

1997-03-14 10:49:03
As a side note and not to clutter up this list, but holding down the SHIFT
key while pressing the RELOAD button does perform a hard reload of the
page and forces netscape to get a new copy no matter what.  This works
about 95% of the time for retrieving a new doc, but there are times where
quitting and restarting NS are necessary. Hope this helps you out.


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On Fri, 14 Mar 1997, Earl Hood wrote:

:> I now use the -modtime option for my archives to use the new glimpse
:> feature to return hits rev. sorted by date.  I wonder why netscape 'reload'
:> does not work anymore.  It seems that netscape is using 'if modified'
:> since request for 'Reload' and the time does not change anymore with
:> -modtime.
:> The only idea that I have to fix this would be that if be navigational
:> links change one should add one second to the original time value.  Other
:> sources of file time modification are the followup/reference changes.
:> But the total time drift should still be small.
:The problem is NS Navigator's caching.  When you perform a reload, it
:only causes the Navigator to check if the document has a new date
:(which is sent by the server).  If it does not, Navigator uses
:its cached copy.  Navigator needs a forced reload function, i.e.
:reget the data regardless.  The only way to do a forced reload is to
:quit and restart, or explicitly flush the cache.
:You may want to look at the HTTP specification.  It's been
:a few years since I looked at it, but it covers expiration and
:date issues.
:I would prefer not to add some kludge to mhonarc based upon the
:characteristics of a particular WWW client and/or server.  It
:appears to too much work for the gain achieved.
:       --ewh

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