Re: full case studies sought

1997-04-23 14:00:28
[given the specific nature of this list, I find it somewhat ironic that
people aren't looking in the list archive before sending out mail :-) ]

:   Is the MHonArc search engine able to be made available?  (IE: It is 
: Freely Available).  Which search technology is being used?

There is no "official" MHonArc search engine.  I've written one, and
so has another person.  Mine is written in perl5, is freely available,
and is supported to the extent that I can field questions through this

:   Do you determine what archives to search based on the Referrer, or 
: something else?

Either HTTP_REFERER or through the ~username convention.

:   Do you have ideas of what to do when an archive needs to be split up in 
: some way (I have previously used monthly archives, which is how lynx-dev 
: is currently set up on FLORA.).

The current version (it's still labelled 'alpha,' but I haven't heard
any complaints here or from my users since the last rash of bug fixes)
allows you to search in multiple directories and gives you quite a bit
of control over how those directories are presented.

A demo archive and a link to the source are at

Eric D. Friedman

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