1997-04-30 05:22:32

As I'm a new user of MhOnArc and a new subscriber to
tha mailing list, i would like to present myself in a few words.

My name is Arnaud Geslin, I work in L'Institut de l'Homme
et de la Technologie ( IHT ) in Nantes, France, as a network

I plan to use Tulp and MhOnArc in one of my webs dedicated
to helping disabled person to find jobs.

My first question(s) about MhOnArc would be :

- I created a "mhonarc" user, and subscribed it to the mailing
list I wanted to review on my Web. But, as this user will
never logg on the system ans will never pop his mails,what is
the best solution to create mails archives that I could easly
manage and present on the web ?

- what is also the best search engine i could had to my pages ?
I installed Glimpse and glimpseHTTP, but was very disappointed
by the html tags that appear in the results, and that i coudn't 
disable, even with the giben -z option ...


Arnaud  Geslin ;   Arnaud(_dot_)Geslin(_at_)iht(_dot_)atlantech(_dot_)fr

Institut de l'Homme et de la Technologie, Nantes

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