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1997-04-30 14:42:46
If a significant number of your customers are blind people using
speech output, you may be interested in what I am working on.
It is not done.  Motivation is at

Current state of progress can be samped at

  My first question(s) about MhOnArc would be :
  - I created a "mhonarc" user, and subscribed it to the mailing
  list I wanted to review on my Web. But, as this user will
  never logg on the system ans will never pop his mails,what is
  the best solution to create mails archives that I could easly
  manage and present on the web ?
You might want to look in the archives of this list at

use "automat" as a search string.  The subject line of recent
messages on this topic of the posts talked about "automating the
archiving process."  Be sure to find the UCI setup examples.

Briefly, three methods were discussed: a .forward entry, a
procmail recipe, and a cron job.  That's all I understand,
you have to read the posts and study the man files to learn
how to do it.

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