Re: MHonarc Just Dies

1997-04-30 12:26:14

I am running perl5.003, nothing special or hacked. This was installed
directly from the RedHat Linux 4.1 CD (Intel). I looked at the
message #111 and found nothing either. Message #110 does quote a header
inside the body of the message, but I doubt that makes a difference.

MHonarc is running through this mail file again, just to make sure.

Many thanks.


On Wed, 30 Apr 1997, Earl Hood wrote:

Mitchell, I did a run on the mailbox you sent me, and everything
worked (the timezone warnings are still there).  I tried
MHonArc2.0b3 and my underdevelopment version of mhonarc, and
they both processed the mailbox with success.

What version of Perl are you using?  According to the dot count
(if I did not screw up the count) the hang occurs at the message with
the message separator:

From POPmail Tue Oct 29 16:25:00 1996

This should start message 111.

Nothing seems specical about the message.


Mitchell Leben

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