Re: MHonarc Just Dies

1997-04-29 18:53:24
"GF" == Glenn Fieldus <gfieldus(_at_)csu(_dot_)edu(_dot_)au> writes:

GF> I've tried to get to a possible erroneous mail message by counting
GF> those dots as Mhonarc goes about it's business (it stops somewhere
GF> around 411).

Something like this used to happen with 1.x; MHonArc would see something
that it thought was the message separator but really wasn't, and would die
trying to parse out the date.  In this case, it dies with an error, though.

You might just want to egrep -i '^from ' in the troublesome archives and
see if there are any lines out of the ordinary.  If so, prefix them with
'>' and try again.

I ran into a bunch of these archiving the majordomo lists, as people had
included a bunch of bounced messages which contained embedded separators.

 - J<

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