Re: MHonarc Just Dies

1997-04-29 19:39:44
On Wed, 30 Apr 1997, Glenn Fieldus wrote:
I'm sorry I cannot help you -  but I too get this problem on only 1 of my 100 
Smartlist lists.
It happens to be the biggest list, with around 670 posts so far. I re-create 
the archive daily 
from a cron. I'm running Mhonarc 2.0b3 under DEC Unix 3.2C

My error does not seem to be size related. MHonarc just completed a mail
file with almost 2800 messages. It complained about "Undefined Timezone"
many times but that's about it.

I've tried to get to a possible erroneous mail message by counting those dots 
as Mhonarc goes 
about it's business (it stops somewhere around 411). I don't even know if 
that's what those dots 
mean (ie proccessing a message) - but anyway, after modifying/replacing 
messages 410-420 I still 
get no success.

I was counting dots too! I found some messages with attachments and
removed them to no avail. I really thought that was going to be it. Does
MHonarc have no debug option?

Perhaps I should drop down and use an earlier (non beta) version.

If I find out what it is I'll let you know.

Same here. BTW, Wagga Wagga - great name!


Mitchell Leben

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