Re: MHonarc Just Dies

1997-04-30 04:04:52
At 08:58 30/04/1997 +1000, Glenn Fieldus  wrote:

I'm sorry I cannot help you -  but I too get this problem on only 1 of my
100 Smartlist lists.
It happens to be the biggest list, with around 670 posts so far. I
re-create the archive daily 
from a cron. I'm running Mhonarc 2.0b3 under DEC Unix 3.2C

I've tried to get to a possible erroneous mail message by counting those
dots as Mhonarc goes 
about it's business (it stops somewhere around 411). I don't even know if
that's what those dots 
mean (ie proccessing a message) - but anyway, after modifying/replacing
messages 410-420 I still 
get no success.


I also experienced this problem when attempting to archive 
a 2500 messages mailing. Even though the whole archives 
was splitted into 5 files, I got the same problem.

I resumed chunking down the archives into smallest files 
containing less than 400 posts.

I guess it could be some memory allocation problem due to
the increasing size of the tables. Could we reach some
Perl's implementation limit ? I dunno...

Bernard Frit 

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