Re: mime decoding

1997-04-30 11:37:17
Is it possible that mhonarc decodes mime-encoded binaries 
(e.q. zip-files) from the messages, saves the files, removes the
mime-code from the message and  replaces it with a html-link to the
decoded and saved zip-file?

That is how MHonArc operates.  For example, if you have
a message that contains a content-type of application/x-zip,
mhonarc will extract the data into an external file and
put a link to it in the converted message (note: mhonarc
does not uncompress data types that imply compression).

At the moment I see the whole mime-stuff when browsing the 
mail archive.

Can you provide a URL so I can see what you are talking about?

However, I see files like and bin00000.bin in the
directory where the mhonarc puts the messages... What are they?

Those are extracted attachments.  The bin*.bin files are
from messages that contain application/octet-stream attachments.
The xxx*.xxx ones are attachments mhonarc did not recognize
but extracted anyway.  The messages that had these attachments
should have links to the files.

If possible, can I tell mhonarc to do the same for uuencoded files?

I am assuming you are refering to uuencoded data that is not specified
via MIME (as you mentioned in a private message).  Since the data
does not have any MIME headers telling mhonarc what to do, it will
require a custom filter to do the job.  The MIMEFILTERS resource
discusses about MIME filters and how to register/implement your own.
In your case, since there is no MIME header information for the
message(s), youe will need a custom text/plain filter (text/plain is
the default content-type if none is specified).  The filter could do
a scan to see if a the first non-whitespace line in the message is
"begin ..." (ie. the uuencode begin line).  If so, uudecode the data,
else convert the message normally.  The library containes
a uudecode routine that can be used to assist you.


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