Anyone still using Perl 4 with MHonArc

1997-05-14 18:34:25
MHonArc Users,

Is anyone still using Perl 4 with MHonArc?  I believe there may be
problems with Perl 4 and mhonarc v2.  For example, I got the following
messages a few days ago while running some sample data under Perl 4:

Bad free() ignored at /users/asc/ehood/bin/mhonarc line 972.
Bad free() ignored at /users/asc/ehood/bin/mhonarc line 972.

This was v2.0b3.  I have not tried the upcoming v2.0 release.

I ask because Perl 4 users may have problems with MHonArc 2 due to
possible bugs in Perl 4.  Although MHonArc 2 is completely Perl 4
legal, Perl 4 itself may be a problem.  I did get a message
from one user that he got a core dump.

Any users can share their experiences with Perl 4 and MHonArc v2.0

I should note that v2.x will be the last Perl 4 legal version of
MHonArc.  v3 is planned to be a rewrite in Perl 5.  Therefore, not
much more effort will be made after the v2.0 (non-beta) release
on maintaining the existing code base.


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