Re: Anyone still using Perl 4 with MHonArc

1997-05-16 04:10:29
On Thu, 15 May 1997, Earl Hood wrote:

Bad free() ignored at /users/asc/ehood/bin/mhonarc line 972.
Bad free() ignored at /users/asc/ehood/bin/mhonarc line 972.

I always get those messages.  I started with MHonArc v2.0a something and
I'm currently on 2.0b1.  All were with Perl 5.003.

Are you stating that you get the above messages using perl 5.003?

That's what I said but I was wrong and I don't know why.  We do have
perl4 and perl5 on our system but we only use perl4 for old third-party
programs that haven't been fived.  I installed MHonArc so can't blame
anyone else but I'm still baffled how I came to specify perl4...

Anyway I apologise for causing confusion and I'm going away now to shoot


Pete Tedder
ISD User Services Manager
UMDS, London

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