Re: How to automate?

1997-05-15 11:03:38
Hello any Anyone!

I have been working the last several hours on setting up a .forward file
to pipe incomming messages to my mail folder into the mhonarc program.
Unfortunately, I am unable to succeed in having it produce the correct
output.  Here is a copy of my .forward file and the returned mail.

\hutson, "| /ms/group/it/opshome/www/repository/MHonarc.v20/mhonarc
-rcfile speech.rc -add /var/spool/mail/hutson"

        I am trying to run the program using my mailfolder.  I understand
that this technique may leave out the most recent entry, but I am willing
to compromise now.  Now, here is a sample of the return message  I get
from Z-mail (the UNIX mail program I use.)

  ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
"| /ms/group/it/opshome/www/repository/MHonarc.v20/mhonarc -rcfile
speech.rc -add /var/spool/mail/hutson"
    (expanded from: <hutson(_at_)bkis02>)

   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
Can't locate in @INC at
/ms/group/it/opshome/www/repository/MHonarc.v20/mhonarc line 71.
554 "| /ms/group/it/opshome/www/repository/MHonarc.v20/mhonarc -rcfile
speech.rc -add /var/spool/mail/hutson"... unknown mailer error 2

Now that I Cut and Pasted  nearly half the return message, I hope it may
lend some clues.  I really, really appreciate any help. :)


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