Re: How to automate?

1997-05-15 12:19:11
knowware wrote:
     I can not locate the "unshift @INC" phrase you are talking about.
Which file are you refering to?  As for the -outdir command,  plan to
use that when I get the .forward file to work.  I understand that the file
will be constructed in the mhonarc directory.     I believe that used the
install script, I have a working command prompt and I can construct any
number of entries manually.  Please tell me where to look for the "unshift
@INC" phrase.


It's the second line of the mhonarc script you are using. E.g.,

% head -3 /local/mail/2.0b3/mhonarc
#! /usr/local/bin/perl
unshift(@INC, '/local/mail/2.0b3/lib');
#! /usr/local/bin/perl

If unshift is not there you have not installed this mhonarc script
with the script.


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