Re: How to automate?

1997-05-15 12:52:19

On Thu, 15 May 1997, Earl Hood wrote:

    I can not locate the "unshift @INC" phrase you are talking about.
Which file are you refering to?  As for the -outdir command,  plan to
use that when I get the .forward file to work.  I understand that the file
will be constructed in the mhonarc directory.     I believe that used the
install script, I have a working command prompt and I can construct any
number of entries manually.  Please tell me where to look for the "unshift
@INC" phrase.

In practice, it is important that the "" script is
invoked and all uses of mhonarc use the installed version.  The
reason is the installed version is modified to add the installed
mhonarc library location to the @INC path so mhonarc can find its

To verify if the @INC is set properly, a "unshift @INC" statment
should be the 2nd line of the mhonarc source file.  For example:

#! /usr/local/bin/perl
unshift(@INC, '/home/ehood/lib/MHonArc');

The mhonarc source file from the extracted distribution directory
will NOT have the unshift statement.


         I have found both the @INC and the .pl reported missing.  The .pl
is in the path of the @INC and I do believe that I have determined that
the script was in fact installed using  Here is a copy of what
I have:

#! /ms/dist/perl5/bin/perl
unshift(@INC, '/ms/group/it/opshome/www/repository/Mhonarc/lib');
#! /usr/local/bin/perl

This is opposed to:

Can't locate in @INC at
/ms/group/it/opshome/www/repository/MHonarc.v20/mhonarc line 71.
554 "| /ms/group/it/opshome/www/repository/MHonarc.v20/mhonarc -add
-rcfile speech.rc -outdir
/ms/group/it/opshome/www/repository/MHonarc.v20/archives"... unknown
mailer error 2

I will change the Mhonarc to Mhonarc.v20 and maybe I will have some luck.


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