Re: Anyone still using Perl 4 with MHonArc

1997-05-15 00:23:32
On Wed, 14 May 1997, Earl Hood wrote:
MHonArc Users,
Is anyone still using Perl 4 with MHonArc?  I believe there may be
problems with Perl 4 and mhonarc v2.  For example, I got the following
messages a few days ago while running some sample data under Perl 4:
 [ ... ]
I ask because Perl 4 users may have problems with MHonArc 2 due to
possible bugs in Perl 4.  Although MHonArc 2 is completely Perl 4
legal, Perl 4 itself may be a problem.  I did get a message
from one user that he got a core dump.

Earl -
        For what it's worth, I'm still running MHonArc with Perl 4 on an
old Linux machine here at MSU.  No problems to report (but then I haven't
upgraded to the latest version of MHonArc yet either).  Perhaps I should
use your comments as an incentive to upgrade much of our system (i.e.,
Linux, Perl, MHonArc, etc.) this summer when (I naively keep telling
myself) I'll have some "free time," once we get all the loose ends tied 
up from this Spring Semester.     :-)
 - Tim

 R. Timothy Smith                                    243 Erickson Hall
 (517) - 432 - 3373                          Michigan State University
 rtsmith(_at_)clunix(_dot_)msu(_dot_)edu                        East Lansing, 
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