Re: Force Threaded messages on the same page

1997-05-22 19:32:34
when the reply comes several pages later.  For example,  I have one
message (say message number 5) then I have another message (say message
number 60) which is sent as a reply to the first message(msg #5).  If the
pages are set at a lenght of twenty messages, how can I get the reply
message to show up as a thread to the first?  That is how do I get it to
be displayed under the original message?

For threading, the reply should follow what it references, regardless
of message number.  Message numbers have no play in generating the
thread index.  The only way a reply will not follow what it references
is if the reply does not reference the appropriate message-id, or the
subject text has been modified.

You will have to provide a real example where mhonarc fails
to have a reply follow a reference in the thread index.  Otherwise,
you should have to do nothing.


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