MHonArc v2.0.1 (Bug fix release)

1997-05-23 18:48:57
MHonArc Users,

v2.0.1 is available for download at
The following bugs wer fixed:

Problem:        Bogus empty entry shows up in the database.  Bogus
                entry appears if a duplicate message is detected.
                Potential visible problems of bogus entry are: mailto
                links in headers corrupted; a blank listing in the
                index.  Maybe other potential problems.
Solution:       There is a be a bug in some versions of Perl where a
                hash key gets added invalidly.  The section of code that
                this occurs has been modified to avoid the problem.
                For existing databases with a bogus empty entry,
                MHonArc now removes any empty key entries.
                However, it is recommed to rebuild the archive.
Problem:        Index pages are not properly updated if zero messages
                are in the archive (like through the -rmm option).
                Even -editidx cannot cause a proper update.
Solution:       Page count was set to zero when no messages exist.  This
                caused problems in conditional checks in the write index
                routines.  To fix, page count is forced to 1 if their
                are no messages.


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