Re: remove next-preivous links only at bottom

1997-05-27 15:44:07
Earl Hood wrote:
I fear that it is impossible to totally aviod comflict between
optimizing the navigation and search ways of finding information,
here.  Please take care that in optimizing the search you don't
render link-following useless.

A subtle feature was added awhile back as requested by Achim.  A
message page has special comments inserted before and after the message
head and message body.  I believe Achim is able to tell Glimpse to only
index data beetween these comments so navigational data will not

I had a setup for glimpse and freewais-sf that used this feature.  I
wasn't lucky with HTML output for the search result compared to the
one you currently see when you search the mhonarc or other archives
here.  Glimpseindex performace was too low when used with filters.
Freewais-sf is still worth a try IMO but during final output tuning
I ran out of free time (until today :-().

I'm still searching for a search engine that fits all my wishes in a
minimal setup time of course :-)  .

To minimize the conflits I patched mhonarc to display the in the Folref
section only display only the from address.  This prevents the conflicts
with matches in the subject.  I'm quit happy with the conflict reduction.

Further stuff I did was to restrict the number of header (more to
save some space on the browsers display and some bytes on disk).
The impact on search results isn't that big but header matches are
always annoying.

    To me vi is Zen.  To use vi is to practice zen. Every command is
    a koan. Profound to the user, unintelligible to the uninitiated.
    You discover truth everytime you use it.

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