Re: remove next-preivous links only at bottom

1997-05-27 16:19:32
"AB" == Achim Bohnet 
<ach(_at_)rosat(_dot_)mpe-garching(_dot_)mpg(_dot_)de> writes:

AB> Glimpseindex performace was too low when used with filters.

It is horrible, but not so bad when you only run it once a night.  What is
especially horrible is using filters when doing a search.  That is way too

I found that I could get reasonable results by filtering when indexing but
not when searching.  Unfortunately this makes all of the line counts off.
My strategy now is to hope that MHonArc puts in a fixed number of lines
before the start of the comments and flub the line counts appropriately.

AB> Freewais-sf is still worth a try IMO but during final output tuning I
AB> ran out of free time (until today :-().

I'd love to know how it turns out.

All I really need now is a way to munge email addresses in the headers so
that spammers can't use them.

 - J<

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