Re: Attachments index?

1997-06-06 18:08:31
To expedite things, perhaps I can ask straightout whether I can reference 
attachments not in a message but in an index. I'd like to have something 

Subject        Author         Date
      Attachment URL
      Attachment URL
      Attachment URL

Subject         Author         Date
       Attachment URL
       Attachment URL

There is no support for this.  Mhonarc does store the name of derived
files from the message filters, so one could provide a quick hack to
get access to that information at the index generation level.  The
problem is that only the filenames are stored.  Also, the files can be
user defined files or directories (you can control this, though).  No
qualification is stored for the files, and no useful attachment
information is available (eg:  content-type).

To do things right, a change in how content-type filters interact
with the main code would have to change.  Something like this will
probably have to wait until v3.  I like the idea.

I just thought of a dirty trick that might work.  You can modify the filter to write to a file (name based off the message
number) with some HTML markup that creates the HTML attachment list
( knows about content-types and other stuff, so it can
make a useful list).  Note, since works on a single part
at a time, it needs to create the list via append operations to the
file.  The implementation is similiar to how supports
placing attachments into a subdirectory.  Make sure that
returns the file as part of the return value so it is automatically
deleted if the message is removed from the archive.

Then, you define the LITEMPLATE resource to use a server-side include
to include the file as part of the message listing.  I did say
it was dirty, but it should work.


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