MHonArc v2.1 Released

1997-06-06 19:13:40
MHonArc Users,

MHonArc v2.1 is now available.  See
( for more
information and for downloading.

NOTE: Please read the release notes for this release.

Following is the list of changes from v2.0.1 to v2.1:


        o  Added the following resources:

                DEFRCNAME       Base name of default resource file
                FOLUPBEGIN      Begin markup for message follow-ups
                FOLUPEND        End markup for message follow-ups
                FOLUPLITXT      Markup for follow-up list entry
                GZIPEXE         Pathname of gzip executable
                GZIPFILES       Gzip files
                GZIPLINKS       Add ".gz" to filenames in URLs
                HTMLEXT         HTML extension for files
                MSGBODYEND      Markup at end of converted message body
                MSGPREFIX       Prefix for message filenames
                REFSBEGIN       Begin markup for message references
                REFSEND         End markup for message references
                REFSLITXT       Markup for reference list entry
                TSORT           Sort threads by date or message number
                TSUBSORT        Sort threads by subject

        o  Changes to filter:
            -  Two new options: useicons and iconurl="url".
            -  Added some more content-types to CTExt hash.

        o  Added filter for text/enriched data (

        o  Changed default setting for MIMEFILTERS.  The following
           was added:


        o  Some code moved to new library files (,

    Bug Fixes
    Problem:    An undefined subroutine error occured during an
                RMM operation when there are messages with non-ASCII
                encodings in message headers.
    Solution:   Proper libraries are now loaded for RMM operations.

    Problem:    Subjects using the "... -Reply" convention started
                a new thread.
    Solution:   Fixed typo in regexp.

    Problem:    Nested anchor markup occurs on index pages where
                a message's subject contains a URL and the subject
                is used to link to the message page.
    Solution:   Replaced default routine that converts subject text



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