Re: MHonArc v2.1 Released

1997-06-11 11:07:56
Earl, do you have any figures on the percentage of MHonArc users who
still use perl4?  Obviously you have other things to do besides
track the movements of the vintage software society, but some numbers
might help put this (increasingly pressing) question into persepctive.


: I concur. MHonarc is nice, and people should have to be willing to live
: in a modern environment in order to use it. Perl 5.003 is as stable as
: a rock, and unless you're a Perl programmer, mostly what it means to
: update is to go through and find all of the @ signs in your strings and
: quote them. Maintaining compatibility with the trailing edge is just
: not worth it.
Eric D. Friedman

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