Re: MHonArc v2.1 Released

1997-06-11 11:32:30
I fully agree with Mike's statement. There comes a time compatibility
with old(er) technology should be stopped.
I think perl5 has many advantages over using perl4.


Mike Castle wrote:

There may be other culprits to the slow-down, but the Gzip file support
appears to be the culprit since it changed how files are dealt with.
Related to it is the fact that many filehandles are now symbolic (for
gzip support).  This causes extra overhead in resolving the symbolic
reference when doing file operations.  Hard references may speed things
up, but would break Perl 4 compatibility.

Unsure what to do it about it at this time.

Code bloat.  Creeping featurism.

This is how Microsoft works.  :-<

If the extra features really are necessary, and people are upgrading to
actually have those features, then require them to also use perl 5.

If they're upgrading one thing, they might as well upgrade two.

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