Attachment Filenames.

1997-06-09 08:52:54
Greetings all.

        I have just used MHonArc v2.0.1 to HTML-ize our majordomo archives for 
the past two years. Along the way, X-sun-attachments were encountered, so part 
of the process involved using Emil (v2.0.5) to convert them to MIME. 
        My question to everyone is: How do I force MHonArc to honor the real 
names of attachments? What I mean is, while the Anchor HREF tag correctly shows 
the filename of the attachment, when I click on it, I get 'binXXXXX.bin'. This 
prevents my users from making use of their "Helper Apps", the applications 
associated with the content-type/applications-extension, so now when they click 
on the Anchor HREF they are prompted to save it to disk.
        I could hack MHonArc to force this, but as I am not the author of the 
program, I don't know what else this will affect, and if someone else has 
already contrived a solution, I would rather not waste my time. 

Thanks in advance,
Jordan Ritter
Systems Administrator
E.M.C.S., AMP Inc.
Harrisburg, PA, USA

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