re: Attachment Filenames.

1997-06-09 11:45:03
Date: 9 Jun 97 11:40:39 EDT
From: KMcCann(_at_)idrc(_dot_)ca
Subject: re: Attachment Filenames.
To: mhonarc(_at_)rosat(_dot_)mpe-garching(_dot_)mpg(_dot_)de
List-Name: mhonarc

Earl may have other reasons which he may cite, but my reasoning as to why 
he may have done that is because
you could run into duplicate filename scenarios. Also, I get the feeling 
that some filnames are not "deducable". Some of my attachments have the tag 
as simply "Binary Data" (rather than a filename tag). Perhaps Earl can 
touch on that one.

Yes, this was my understanding, and I wasn't disagreeing that it was a bad 
scheme, for it makes a lot of good sense. I personally thought it would be very 
easy for the user clicking on the Anchor HREF to type the file in. However, my 
management does not. ;)

So once again this leaves me with the need to hack something. Now, I have 
received a few URLs that return anchors that are indeed the same as the file's 

One is of course in Italian, so I couldn't understand the nature of the list, 
but that's not important; what's important is that it has been done.

So, does anyone out there have any solutions?

Jordan Ritter
Systems Administrator
E.M.C.S., AMP Inc.
Harrisburg, PA, USA

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