Re: Attachment Filenames.

1997-06-09 12:46:44
      My question to everyone is: How do I force MHonArc to honor the real 
names of attachments? What I mean is, while the Anchor HREF tag correctly sho
the filename of the attachment, when I click on it, I get 'binXXXXX.bin'. Thi
prevents my users from making use of their "Helper Apps", the applications 
associated with the content-type/applications-extension, so now when they cli
on the Anchor HREF they are prompted to save it to disk.

No need to hack (I hope).  It may not be obvious, but the
behavior of filtering message data is covered in the MIMEFILTERS
resource.  It's a big page, and covers all the default filters
and there options.  MIMEFILTERS is the most important resource
to read about if you deal with MIME messages alot, or you want
to modify how message data is converted.

For your case, you would want the "usename" option to the
m2h_external::filter in  If a filename is defined
for the data, it will use it.  Also, to protect against filename
conflicts, and some potential security problems, you can use the
"subdir" options to have attachments written into a subdirectory.
Regardless, there is a potential security risk when using

A note, in your case, it seems that content-type and filename spec do
not match in the message you are archiving.  ".bin" means the
content-type was application/octet-stream.  Some PC based mailers seem
to have this nasty habit about not specifying the right content-type
for the data being transmitted.  If the content-type matched the actual
data, you probably would have never had any problems.


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