Re: Attachment Filenames.

1997-06-09 13:03:19
you could run into duplicate filename scenarios. Also, I get the feeling 
that some filnames are not "deducable". Some of my attachments have the tag 
as simply "Binary Data" (rather than a filename tag). Perhaps Earl can 
touch on that one.

See the MIMEFILTERS resource and the Default subsection for
information on the filters.  The text for the link comes from
either from the content-description, filename specification, or
the stored "english" description for the content-type.

I think the possibility of duplicate filenames (I send an attachment called 
file1.wpd, and so do you) is, in itself, enough to require an incremental 
naming scheme.

The "subir" argument to the external filter was added to
get around this problem.  However, security is still a concern
when using the "usename" argument.


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