Re: Invoke MHonArc from a Browser -- How?

1997-06-09 12:59:56
I'd like to be able to invoke MHonArc from a web browser, using a
fill out form to select various setup options.  (This would be far
short of a full-fledged administration tool.)  A major goal would be
to be able to delete older or inappropriate messages just from the 
web, without having to manually modify the rcfile or work at the 
command line.

Does anyone currently do this?  If so, could you share any advice, 
techniques, and "lessons learned"?  Thanks.

You need to be careful about file ownership/permissions.  I would
venture to guess that the process that maintains your archive runs
under a different UID than the Web server.  You will have to make sure
that the CGI program (which will run under the UID of the Web server)
has the proper permissions to edit the archive.  You can either use the
same UID for both processes, or define a group that both UIDs belong to
and make the files group writable.  Avoid using setuid to minimize
security risks.


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