Re: Attachment Filenames.

1997-06-09 13:08:17
So once again this leaves me with the need to hack something. Now, I have 
received a few URLs that return anchors that are indeed the same as the file'

One is of course in Italian, so I couldn't understand the nature of the list,
but that's not important; what's important is that it has been done.

As mentioned in a previous message, see the MIMEFILTER resource
and the m2h_external'filter description in the Default section.

Note, even if you use "usename", the data will only have a
non-generated filename if the filename is specified in the
content-disposition field, or in a "name=" argument of the
content-type field.  Otherwise, the filename is auto-generated
based upon the media specification and existing attachments
in the file (to insure uniqueness).


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