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1997-06-12 04:00:41
Has anyone produced a cgi script for sending a reply from a mhonarc archive,
ala the version on the byte ( site ?. 

I want to have the same kind of functionality for a planned 
discussion group on The Lancet site, and mhonarc looks just the job,
I'm still evaluating it.

I would like to do a similar thing, it does not look too tricky, as the
message id etc are available. Presumably the script loads the 
mhonarc db to get the appropriate subject line, given the message id ?.

If one does not exist I would happily contribute (if I get it working).
Unfortunately I don't have perl 4, and I've only ever coded to 5,
so it would probably need change.

Thanks for a great piece of code, mhonarc worked first time and was easily


Ant Mitchell                    A(_dot_)Mitchell(_at_)elsevier(_dot_)co(_dot_)uk
Project Technical Manager       Lancet Online and Technical Tips Online.

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