Re: Posting from a message

1997-06-12 09:11:23
I would like to do a similar thing, it does not look too tricky, as the
message id etc are available. Presumably the script loads the 
mhonarc db to get the appropriate subject line, given the message id ?.

One should not have to read the mhonarc db, plus, how would
you know which is the right subject?

The common approach is to pass arguments to the CGI containing
the information needed.  An example:


The above could be part of the TOPLINKS resource to provide a Reply
link to the message.  Note, the argument convention will vary on how
you write the CGI program.

(Note, scan the list archives for an example of supporting the latest
 mailto URL syntax).

If one does not exist I would happily contribute (if I get it working).
Unfortunately I don't have perl 4, and I've only ever coded to 5,
so it would probably need change.

Use Perl 5.  My philosophy of Perl development is use Perl 5 whenever
you can.  Only code in Perl 4 syntax if you deal with legacy programs
that would take too much (available) time to make workable under Perl
5.  Small programs are usually minor to correct, but
big-and/or-do-fancy-tricks programs may encounter behavioral problems
(example behavioral problem:  I had to modify to work under
Perl 5 awhile back because it unintentionally exploited an
inconsistancy in Perl 4).  Syntax changes between Perl 4 and 5 are
fairly straight-forward.


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