Re: expireage problem w/Mhonarc 2.1

1997-06-13 15:02:13

I have found the problem in:

  ## Remove old message if hit maximum size or expiration
   while ($index = shift(@array)) {
    last  unless
            ($MAXSIZE && ($NumOfMsgs > $MAXSIZE)) ||

This code checks the database for expired msgs starting at the 1st item in the
database. If that 1st item is not expired, then checking for expired msgs

The problem arises when a user is using the -subsort option. With the db sorted
by subject and not by date, the oldest msg is not at the top of the db. Thus,
when the db is checked for expired msgs, mhonarc sees the 1st one is not 
expired and checking for expired msgs is incorrectly halted.

If you confirm this as true, is this something you would address in your 
next release?

Thanks for your help ..............Paul Sala   

Then all the messages older then the specified expireage date are removed

Why is mhonarc not removing the expired meesages during the -add update?
Is there way to have mhonarc do just an update?

How are you verifying that a message was removed?  Knowing this
may help determine the problem.


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