Re: Monthly Archives

1997-06-21 16:16:40
   I have just started using the MHonArc tool for archiving my lists, 
and it works quite well, but I haven't been able to figure out one 
important detail: 

   Several of my lists are quite busy, and I would like to archive 
them by month (like the archive of this list, for example) -- and 
even by WEEK for some of the busier lists. 

  Can someone point me to a resource which explains how to do this? 

There are two quick ways that I can think of, but they both involve
using a perl script.  

The first method is the one that I prefer, which is to use procmail
to filter out messages and pump them through a script that places
them in the right location.

The first method requires administrative privelages -- if you add
an alias to your aliases file that pumps it through a script that
divides it out by date, you should be set.

I can provide details if this isn't enough.


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