Re: Memory

1997-07-02 02:19:34
At 10:07 -0700 01-07-97, Earl Hood wrote:
Mhonarc still use far too much memory on the big (~ 11Mb)  mailboxes. I had
an idea: What if we didnt convertet attachments for the big mailboxes, just
made them disapear into /dev/null? :)  Maybe that would make mhonarc use
less memory. I have looked for a -nomime option, but havnt found a way to
tell mhonarc not to process attachments.

Attachments take no memory (except the name of the file).  If an
attachment is writting to a file, MHonArc does not keep it memory, only
only a filename of it.

Ok, thanks for your answer!! :)


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