Problems with $DDMMYY$ resource

1997-07-20 15:58:29

I'm having problems with the $DDMMYY$ Resource. I have a index page with the 

<LI><b>$SUBJECT$ - Dated $DDMMYY$</b>

When I add new messages to the archive using the -add switch (and the -outdir), 
the index page
is re-written with all the years zeroed. Thus all the messages have a date of 

When I re-run mhonarc with the -editidx switch, the index page is rebuilt fine.

Any ideas?

BTW, most of my mails are IDT time which is defined in my resource file I used 
to create
the archive.


Arnon Meshoulam, MCBS                           iNET :8-4655210
email: meshulam(_at_)iil(_dot_)intel(_dot_)com                   Intel 
Israel(74), MS: IDC2-B
Phone: (972) - 4655210                          31015 P.O.B 1659, Haifa, Israel
Fax:   (972) - 4655678

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