Re: resources file

1997-09-12 15:22:41
to follow up on what Monika Adamczyk said:

One thing which I am trying to sort out is more than two default
indexes and their resource files.

I am not aware of a good tutorial on this, other than it gets discussed
repeatedly on the list.  The secret is the OTHERINDEXES resource but
you have to understand that another .rc file gets involved because
one .rc file can only define one MAIN and one THREAD format.

I have another question. Our server has number of new lists created
periodically. From what I read so far, the new list archive directory
must exists before I can put archive files there. Hypermail did it
automatically if the directory didn't exists. Is this also available
in mhonarc - another of the resources I missed? :-)

Yes.  It's implicit.  You write the procmail recipe to call mhonarc
with -add and if there is no such archive it still builds it.

This is a good example of two things.

1.  No matter how pressed for time you are, you _do_ need to
learn about the list archives.  This last point was just
discussed within the last day or so.

2.  Keep the MHonArc questions on the list.  I had to be corrected
by those that know _when_ the above item was just discussed...

Al Gilman

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