Rcfile : a new user is getting mad, save him !!

1997-09-13 06:32:19

I installed MHonArc on my server and I have a lot of problem to
figure out how to have a rcfile...

I would like to control all the variables of the Rcfile but I can't specify one.
(I would like to use the one in the examples of MHonArc, id "icons.rc")
Here is what I am doing :

%mhonarc -rcfile config.rc

and it gave me the help file 'cause I think the command is not correct...

How can I do for having a rcfile ??
Where should I put it ??

Please, help me 'cause I feel like the dumbest 
and the most miserable righ now !!

Thanks for your help, I will really appreciate...


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