Re: Rcfile : a new user is getting mad, save him !!

1997-09-13 12:07:07
cc: to list restored to this exchange, since that's where it belongs.

<file> is a reference to the mail folder you want to process.
For example,

mhonarc -rcfile ~/lib/myrcfile.rc -outdir ~/www/archive/emacs/ ~/Mail/emacs

would process all of the messages in my emacs Mail folder using the
myrcfiile.rc file as an RCfile and put the result in the ~/www/archive/emacs

: Thanks for your help,
: does it mean that <file> is the .mhonarc.db file ??
: what is this <file< ?? the db where the archive db is ??
: Olivier, dumber and dumber
: ps: I read all the doc but... sorry :(
: ----------
: From:         Eric D. 
: : 
: : and it gave me the help file 'cause I think the command is not correct...
: You didn't give it anything to process.  Did you read the usage message
: it printed out?
: mhonarc [<options>] <file>
: That <file> part is important!  If yo don't supply, mhonarc won't
: have anything to do.
Eric D. Friedman

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