Re: Rcfile : a new user is getting mad, save him !!

1997-09-13 10:26:01
: %~/bin/
: %mhonarc -rcfile config.rc
: and it gave me the help file 'cause I think the command is not correct...

You didn't give it anything to process.  Did you read the usage message
it printed out?

mhonarc [<options>] <file>

That <file> part is important!  If yo don't supply, mhonarc won't
have anything to do.

: How can I do for having a rcfile ??
: Where should I put it ??

That depends on how many archives you'll be maintaining and on how
many different rcfiles you'll need.   You could keep them in the
directory where your archive is; or you could create a lib
(ou plutot 'bib') to store library files.  In any case, bin is
probably not a good choice.

Eric D. Friedman

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