Re: Errors parsing forwarded messages Mhon 2.1

1997-09-15 10:23:07
[Note, the mhonarc list is the approriate forum for mhonarc related

[Stuff about message splitting and date parsing removed]


As for message splitting, if the MSGSEP resource mentioned in the FAQ
is not appropriate, then you are left with the CONLEN resource.  If
your MTA does not support Content-length fields, then some analysis
must be done to determine how the "From " message separator differs
from the "From " line occuring in a message containing another

BTW, the sample you gave appears to have invalid MIME information.  The
header states a message with multipart/mixed data, but none of the
message contained the boundary separator.  This will cause mhonarc to
process none of the message body since according to the MIME standard,
all data is skipped until the first boundary (which there is none).

As for date parsing, timezone information can be added via the
TIMEZONES resource.  If the date parsing error is unknown timezone
error, then mhonarc assumes the local time.  For archiving purposes, no
message is skipped due to date parsing problems.  Messages will be
skipped if the message-id of the skipped messages already exist.  You
may want to check message-ids to see if any duplicates exist.


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