Re: NT and MHonArc

1997-09-12 16:04:08
At 10:29 AM 9/12/97 -0400, "Kevin M. Andres" <keandres(_at_)weblynx(_dot_)com> 
Thanks for the reply.  So did you set up a PERL script to get the mail and then
convert using MhonArc or is there a forward type method that will make
everything work all on the same machine?


   Oh no, I was a bit vague, sorry.  EMWACS is not COM like MS.  We set up a
list member locally and had EMWACS mail that account just like other (human)
members.  Then we run MHonarc against this local account.  You could
probably do something like it with a POP3 client like was suggested earlier. 
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