Re: ?s about otherindexes and message page markup

1997-09-18 17:39:22
Thanks to previous messages from Earl Hood and Al Gilman,
I think I have a handle on how to add an author index to
the existing date (main) and subject (thread) indexes.

I am unsure, however, how to include the newly created index
in the message page mark-up, particularly TOPLINKS and BOTLINKS.

What resources can I use as the equivalents to PREVLINK, NEXTLINK,
IDXFNAME, etc so that each message can be linked to 
next/prev by author as well as by date and thread?

You can't.  Messages are written/edited before any other index sorting
is done.  To support what you want, mhonarc would have to create sort
lists for all possible sort criteria (an expensive operation), and also
provide a bunch of resource variables to access them.

Some optimization could be done by allowing a preset list of sorting
to be done, but the resource variable list would still be quite large.