Re: using text/html mime type

1997-09-30 10:01:00
problem - I want Mhonarc to recognise html within message bodies rather than
have it stick <pre> tags around it.  Alternatively, if it could recognise the
style tags embedded by Eudora Pro ie. <bold></bold> <italic></italic> etc. th
that would help.  The messages themselves do not have Mime Content headers.

There's your problem: no Mime Content headers.  The Eudora Pro
stuff looks like text/enriched, and v2.1 supports it if there
is the proper content-type field.

Since no Mime Content headers exist, you will have to write a filter
that use some heuristics to try to auto detect the content-type.  The
filter would have to be registered as the text/plain filter since the
text/plain filter is called when no Content headers exist.  The
modified text/plain filter can then call the appropriate filter on
what it determines is the effective content-type.


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