Re: using text/html mime type

1997-09-30 11:17:27
At 08:00 AM 9/30/97 -0700, Earl Hood wrote:

bw>> problem - I want Mhonarc to recognise html within message bodies
rather than
bw>> have it stick <pre> tags around it.  Alternatively, if it could
recognise the
bw>> style tags embedded by Eudora Pro ie. <bold></bold> <italic></italic>
etc. then
bw>> that would help.  The messages themselves do not have Mime Content

Eudora Pro 3.03 does include this header:

     Content-Type: text/enriched; charset="us-ascii"

when there is formatted content.  It does follow the text/enriched
standard, not HTML.

eh>Since no Mime Content headers exist, you will have to write a filter
eh>that use some heuristics to try to auto detect the content-type.  The
eh>filter would have to be registered as the text/plain filter since the
eh>text/plain filter is called when no Content headers exist.  The
eh>modified text/plain filter can then call the appropriate filter on
eh>what it determines is the effective content-type.

It's possible that earlier Eudoras did not set the content-type properly.
Eudora identifies itself using an X-Mailer header:

     X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0.3 (32)

in my case.

-- SP

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