Re: MHonArc and Marc Search on NT?

1997-10-01 20:03:15
At 02:26 PM 10/1/97 +0100, Wilbert Scheer wrote:

I use MHonArc a while now. I run the program off-line on my Win95 
machine and upload the files to my (virtual) NT server.

I was thinking: is there a possibility to to conversion of mailboxes 
with MHonArc online on Windows NT?

MHonArc runs under Windows NT at least as well as it does under Win95.
Install the Perl interpreter and MHonArc on your NT box and use MHonArc the
same way you do under Win95.

If your Win95 machine can see the NT machine as a file server, from Win95
just mount the NT directory housing your original mail/news messages and
the directory where you want to place MHonArc's output, and have Win95 run
MHonArc using the two NT directories as input and output locations.

I dunno what "online" means in this context.  MHonArc is not a
communications program, it's a batch message format conversion program (to
put it minimalistically).

-- good luck, SP

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