how the NT box puts MHonArc online

1997-10-01 21:51:09
to follow up on what Steve Pacenka said:

 I dunno what "online" means in this context.  MHonArc is not a
communications program, it's a batch message format conversion
program (to put it minimalistically).

I would suspect he means that the box running NT is in continuous
communication with the Internet and the box running Win95 is not.

That way, if messages are archived singly on arrival at the NT
box, the delay from writing to web availability is primarily in
mail transport.  If they are MHonArc processed on the Win95 box
when someone gets around to it, the dominant delay is likely to
be waiting for the next MHonArc batch to be run.  That qualifies
as online vs. offline on the basis of what dominates the delays.

-- Al Gilman

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