Re: MHonArc and Marc Search on NT?

1997-10-07 04:04:23
This is self follow up;)

Has anyone tried marc-search 4.3 on NT succesfully?

I've found the reason why not work well is perl.exe on NT.
As evryone knows, There's two module. One is Perl for Win32.
Onother one is perlis.dll(Perl for ISAPI). Installing these 
modules, perl add CreateProcessWithNewConsole value for IIS. 
And IIS maps scripting extensions bellow.

.cgi    C:\Program Files\perl5\bin\Perl.exe %s %s
.cgii   C:\Program Files\perl5\bin\PerlIS.dll
.pl     C:\Perl\bin\PerlIS.dll

So when submit marc-search.cgi, it's done by Perl.exe. In this
case, error occured. I changed extension of marc-search.cgi to In this case, i made success, but when submit
search query, another error occured. That is "Out of memory!" ;)

Ryoji Kaneko

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