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1997-10-30 16:51:45
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: On Thu, 30 Oct 1997, Eric D. Friedman wrote:
: > Did you read the documentation in's POD?  What exactly are
: > you having trouble with?
: I think its a matter of the settings files thats givign me trouble. I did
: read and print out the POD...but things are still a bit unclear or not
: working for me. 
: I put marc-search.cgi into my root www directory and then I call it from
: a users subdir, where I keep his archives. When I do this it gives me a
: permission problem, which I can very well guess may be a problem with my 
: server of sorts. 

Well, that's not a problem with the server per se, but generally
speaking people don't set their root directory to run cgi-scripts,
since scriptaliasing is recursive on the filesystem and thus would
allow your users considerable, uh, latitude.

: But if I move the marc-search.cgi to his cgi-bin and run
: it, I get the search form but when I click on "find" it displays the home
: page for that person.
: Here is the config lines from my marc-search.cgi:
: ## Configurable options - described in great detail in the POD - READ IT!
: my $server = '';
: my $help = $server . '/marc-search.html';
: my $doc_root = '/home';
: my $script = $server . '/noahphex';

The POD says:

=item $script

The URL for marc-search itself (when concatenated with the value in

you've got this set to something else (just looked: it's the home page
you say is displayed when you click on 'find,' which explains that one)

The interaction here is pretty simple.  It works like this:

1. you include a link to the marc-search.cgi script in your mhonarc rcfile 
so that a link saying, for example, "Search this archive" appears on
your index pages and possibly on your message pages.

2. when someone clicks on that link, your server sets the environment
variable HTTP_REFERER to the URL from whence you came.  Example:

(total guess)

3. marc-search uses this information to devise the fact that you want
to search the message files in $doc_root/noaphex/archive, also
known as /home/noaphex/archive.  In this way, you could have multiple
archives using the same copy of marc-search.

A point of style:  "a CGI" doesn't exist.  You can say "a CGI script"
or a "CGI program," but "a CGI" by itself is an acronynmic modifer
without a substantive.


: my $usersubdir = 'public-web';         # Tells which subdirectory of
:                                         # a user's home directory
:                                         # (file system) corresponds to
:                                         # http://server/~user/ . (Only
:                                         # needed if marc-search
:                                         # supports URLs with tildes.)
: I'd really like to try and get this working as it seems to be a really
: super cgi.
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