Re: search engines for mhonarc?

1997-10-30 17:18:29
On Thu, 30 Oct 1997, Eric D. Friedman wrote:

Well, that's not a problem with the server per se, but generally
speaking people don't set their root directory to run cgi-scripts,
since scriptaliasing is recursive on the filesystem and thus would
allow your users considerable, uh, latitude.

Understand. I only have the cgi-bin executable.

=item $script

The URL for marc-search itself (when concatenated with the value in

Ahhh I stumbled on this, but didnt fully understand it till below. I think
maybe a quick revision in the docs would maybe save people the trouble of
asking in the future, since its not real clear. Either than or i'm very

1. you include a link to the marc-search.cgi script in your mhonarc rcfile 
so that a link saying, for example, "Search this archive" appears on
your index pages and possibly on your message pages.

Ahhh see I had no mhonarc rcfile setup to specify anything special. I was
doing it all from defaults. I've added one and am testing it now, which
I think will work. =)

2. when someone clicks on that link, your server sets the environment
variable HTTP_REFERER to the URL from whence you came.  Example:

(total guess)

Yes, same idea....makes more sense now too.

3. marc-search uses this information to devise the fact that you want
to search the message files in $doc_root/noaphex/archive, also
known as /home/noaphex/archive.  In this way, you could have multiple
archives using the same copy of marc-search.

A point of style:  "a CGI" doesn't exist.  You can say "a CGI script"
or a "CGI program," but "a CGI" by itself is an acronynmic modifer
without a substantive.

Okay great! See I was wondering how marc-search could work for multiple
archives without having to set anything special up. Now I know...

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