Re: Problems parsing messages

1997-11-03 03:44:44
David Carlin wrote:
For some reason mhonarc thinks this is two messages:
This listserv will be used by students, teachers, and our 
professional resource providers for discussions regarding their 
participation in EnviroNet and the many monitoring projects that we offer.

From time to time I will also be posting references to various 
resources (either electronic or hardcopy) that may be of interest to all 
of you.  So please drop back often to see what is available.

when I was using the '-add' flag.  It gets to the 'From time to time'
and makes that a seperate message in the archives.  Any ideas on how
to force Mhonarc to treat this as one message?  I'm calling this from
/etc/alises so it can only be one message, I don't know why mhonarc
is even checking for a second message. (or maybe I don't quite understand
what -add is for.)

Been there, seen it.

What version of mhonarc are you using?  This bug was fixed some time ago.
Recent mhonarc do The Right Thing (TM).  I tried with 2.0.1 on a test
message with a From in it

rm -rf test; mhonarc -add -outdir test < test.mail # one mesage, okay
rm -rf test; mhonarc -add -outdir test test.mail   # two messages, also okay

Second is okay because mhonarc assumes mbox format and there
From  is the message separator.

Another thing you could do is to use -msgsep to make the 'From ' line
parsing some strict (example in FAQ or docs).

Nevertheless when you also save the messages to a file for later rebuilds
of the archive you should make sure that 'From ' is properly escaped, e.g.,
'>From ' or that the Contents-Length header is set correctly.

One comment about -add.  It means add one or more messages to existing
archive (create it if necessary).  E.g. this works:

        rm -rf 1stquarter
        mhonarc -add -outdir 1stquarter Jan.mbox Feb.mbox
        mhonarc -add -outdir 1stquarter Mar.mbox

Adding message from standard input is special cased in that it's
(should be :-) now only possible to add one message.

Hope this helps,



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